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Working for a sustainable tomorrow.

Sanyo-Kankyo-Kaihatsu Corp. offers waste collection and transportation, intermediate treatment, and recycling.

wood recycling

Our task is to accomplish proper disposal of waste.


Our histroy.

Disposal of waste was becoming a big problem according to high economy growth in 1970 Japan. At that time, founder of our company knew that from now on, collection and treatment of waste will be essential business. Since then, we have built relationships with Niimi-City, local resident and our customers. Now we have half-century history.

Now we are aiming to bring our business to Vietnam.

 Xin Chao! Work with us !


Wanted: Who can speak Vietnamese well and also interested in Environmental business.

<Job description>

・induction course

・feasibility study

・marketing in Vietnam

・translating procedure manual

・business activity in Vietnam

If this sounds like an opportunity you're interested in, and you're ready to commit to learning about the challenging and exciting world of environmental services, please join us !



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